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Debut of Big Love Band featuring Timbo on Drums

Debut of Big Love Band featuring Timbo on Drums

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What a way to wrap up 2022! The Debut of Timbo’s new band, Big Love, rocked a packed house at The Alley in Sanford last night Dec 29th. The band has 5 members. Timothy ”Timbo” DiDuro formerly of Slaughter, and The Beautiful Bastards. Greg Coats on lead vocals, Stephen Gercken on bass, Wesley Camp on keys, and Tony Little on guitar. Timbo’s formula for this band music wise is to play deep cuts and rock and pop classic that few other bands play!  

The debut show consisted of two long sets. Everything from the Beatles to Led Zeppelin! Sonething for everyone! The band had only 6 weeks to learn 37 songs! The nailed every song perfectly last night like they have been playing them for yours. This photographer highly recommends this band! 5 stars! Photos and Review by Rockshot Photographer Tim Tuech


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