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Known for his iconic “Spaceman” makeup, is a legendary musician whose guitar skills have left an indelible mark on rock ‘n’ roll and heavy metal. He co-founded Kiss and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014. Guitar World ranked him among the “100 Greatest Heavy Metal Guitarists of All Time” and hailed his solo in “Shock Me” as one of the “50 Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time.” His influence extends to artists like Foo Fighters, Dimebag Darrell, and Tom Morello. His tenth solo album, “10,000 Volts,” is the latest addition to his impressive legacy. Over his 50-plus-year career, he released notable albums, including his platinum-selling self-titled debut in 1978, “Space Invader,” “Origins Vol. 1,” “Spaceman,” and “Origins Vol. 2.” “10,000 Volts” features electrifying tracks like the title song, “Walkin’ On The Moon,” and “Cherry Medicine,” showcasing Frehley’s signature guitar skills and unique vocals. The album also includes “Up In The Sky,” a song with thought-provoking lyrics, and the instrumental finale “Stratosphere,” displaying his exceptional musicality. Ace Frehley’s musical journey continues with “10,000 Volts,” proving that he remains a dynamic force in rock ‘n’ roll in 2024 and beyond. No makeup needed; it’s all about electrifying music.

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